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120 samples of red snapper, for example 28 different species of fish were found. all in all one third of 1215 fish samples bought were miss labeled and in southern california 52% of samples bought and sold for testing turned out to be not -- something else. so, you know, this whole mess makes me want to give up fish and just order a good burger. at least then you know you are getting good beef. or are you? is it horse meat? >> could be horse meat. >> that's it, folks. have a great weekend. come on back and see us right here again on monday. have a good one. >> this is "the bill press show."
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>> stephanie: oh jacki schechner, don't feel bad about pictures of me with ron howard and michael moore and our other member of our thruple of melissa fitzgerald up on our facebook page. you missed the party last night. >> i know, i called melissa, and i said i know you are going to think i'm lame and i am. she said she couldn't drive me because she was going to stay later thank was, and i thought i'm going to drive myself home sat that hour. >> stephanie: i made the mistake of being photographed next to her again. >> did she go with the green
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pajmina. >> stephanie: i did not. >> who is that agnes morehead. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: here she is jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. president obama and vice president biden are welcoming the prime mine to the white house today. they laid out priorities including conversations about the security and economic relationship between our two nations. participate ppt has sent a letter to congress explaining why the u.s. has sent a total of 100 military personnel to niger. he said it is intelligence depreciation. we're now a week away from the sequester, and the white house mood is calm. president obama has made calls
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to both house speaker john boehner and mitch mcconnell but said in one of three radio interviews that he is not sure whether either is planning to budge. and organizing for action is holding a day of action today in an attempt to mobilize some 2.2 million people to help put the president's gun control agenda. they are holding more than 180 verdicts in 80 congressional districts to try to push congress to take action. calling for universal checks. they support the participate's full agenda including renewal of the assault weapons ban, and limit on high-capacity magazines, but they are starting with the background checks. we're back with more show after the break. stay with us.
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: woo-hoo! okay. here we go. [ applause ] >> stephanie: it's a friday. here we go. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: yeah, you are see-through together. >> >> stephanie: yes, hello. par-tay. >> [ inaudible ] your hats. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: speaking of par-tay par-tays, we put up the pictures from last night, momma partying with ron howard and michael moore. [ applause ] >> stephanie: and i made the great error of me and melissa be
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photographed together again. ron howard said he'll come on and talk about the event and michael moore buttonholed me to do his event every year, guess who just did that? >> who? >> stephanie: john fugelsang. >> right. i was in traverse city thinking this town needs a sexy liberal. >> stephanie: good morning, john. >> good morning. i'm just taking my acid for my theme song. >> you hung out with my new bff, michael moore. >> stephanie: i know, he is awful. he said i'm not doing this again. i'm not going on because of bowling for columbine and how
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powerful that was, he said i'm done. you don't even have to have the sound up on your tv you see carolyn mccarthy and you go what happened? >> it's true. i'm not talking about the overwhelmingly favor responsible gun limits but i'm talk about the gun junkies. >> stephanie: yes, the top gun myths in mother jones, with have coming on, dave gilson. >> that's right. >> stephanie: and i remember walking out of the theater after bowling for columbine and thinking wow. >> yeah i think sicko and
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capitalism were great pieces. and it turns out he puts on quite a great comedy festival. it was snowing the whole time, but when michael moore gets involve -- he owns this state theater, and he did everything he has nights where it is only $0.25, so families can see a movie together. and they close off the entire street and they have ice skating in the parking lot. dick gregory was there. >> stephanie: and he said you don't have to do anything -- you'll just sit and do an interview. i'm like okay. >> and [ inaudible ] worcestershire sauce. >> stephanie: and by the way ron howard, as nice as you think he is -- and in your head if
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you are a geek like me, you are going it's oppie. >> i want to ask him about the new season of arrested development. >> he has done a lot since oppie. >> stephanie: really? the animal lover that i am the biggest name i met the head of the board of directors of [ inaudible ]. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> how do they handle all of the donations they get? i'm sure they have boxes of puppies and kittens dropped off every morning. >> stephanie: i don't know. >> well call him up. i worries. >> stephanie: what if john
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fugelsang would like to take his cats on a stroll through greenwich village. listen to this. steph looking forward to meeting and groping you all in chi town. [ applause ] >> stephanie: april 13th sexy liberal chicago. tickets going very very fast so hurry. john fugelsang, hal sparks. >> uh-huh. >> and tee bone and i are making arrangements to come too. >> stephanie: you tease. >> yeah, there is going to be a lot to talk about. >> stephanie: also speaking of parties, i'm having an oscar party sunday.
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i got jim to go there, you know how? >> how? >> stephanie: i said the secret words, hot brie. that's melissa fitzgerald's stripper name, hot brie. >> oh, really? >> stephanie: we have ballots. >> wow. >> are we going to have to stand in line for nine hours. >> stephanie: yes, just to recreate the experience. and we forget that they -- it's like tee bone now like pretty much every movie is nominated for best picture. >> it used to be five, now it's ten, and they are just getting obnoxious. but there are some great films this year. "zero dark thirty," i haven't seen that because i fell asleep. i was watching a screener with
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rowland in maui. >> you haven't seen amore. >> i'm talking about the ones that are going win. >> i think you might see the 85-year-old star win best actress. >> stephanie: really? >> yeah, i predict she'll be the second french actress to one best actress in the last ten years. if lay mis had made a hundred million dollars, it would have won. but you know what the amount of stuff he gets right -- i saw it four times on broadway -- >> stephanie: underwear was a little too tight. silver linings play book
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irritated me. >> when it became strictly ballroom. >> stephanie: yeah, the performances were good -- it just bothered me logic wise. >> the film ends with him being able to buy a restaurant to be able to subsidize gambling addictions. >> stephanie: bradley cooper, daniel day lewis, and -- blah. joaquin phoenix -- >> can we talk best actor? >> -- somebody i really cannot pronounce in beasts of the southern wild. >> she was the six year old. >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> the two best actors might win
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in the same night. >> little bit. >> stephanie: and what about best actress. >> think that's a toss up between the french actress and jennifer. >> stephanie: all right. >> i don't think silver linings will win. it's a major downer of a movie. >> stephanie: i want a "zero dark thirty" screener. can you get that to me, please? i don't like to leave my house to go to a movie theater. >> did you just openly ask for an illegal screener? >> stephanie: now i'm in sag. they send them to me.
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>> "zero dark thirty" is the best movie ever about how a pair of high cheek bones got bin laden. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: you know who is not a fan of "zero dark thirty," pakistan. >> yeah, well. >> stephanie: it is unofficially banned in pakistan. in abaud baud. abaud baud. >> obama: abaudbaud. >> stephanie: bin laden probably had screeners. he didn't like to leave the compound either. >> we stopped paying pakistan money once we cleared bin laden. and they were mad about that. >> stephanie: we don't speak arabic or eat hummus. hummus seems to be the main
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objection -- >> we eat hummus here. >> they speak [ inaudible ]? pakistan. >> stephanie: right. anyway those seem to be the main complaints. >> we're not hummus eat ers. >> stephanie: okay. 17 minutes after the hour. everybody is going to talk one at a time. everybody settle down. everybody gentle down. it's oscar weekend. i know we're excited. seventeen minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ nothing going to break my spine, nobody going to slow me down, oh no i've got to keep on moving ♪ >> stephanie: uh-huh. it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. twenty-two minutes after the hour. fridays with fugelsang in the new york bureau. >> oh, yeah! >> stephanie: oh, thank you, yellow. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i hung out with michael moore last night and talked about guns obviously, joe biden yesterday. >> an assumption is in american politics today that this is kind of a third rail of politics;
6:25 am
that if you take this on somehow there will be a severe police call price to pay for doing it. people say and you read and people write about the political risk. i say it is unacceptable not to take these risks. [ applause ] >> stephanie: hooray. >> yeah, he does good. >> stephanie: i think the picture of michael moore and i will end up on sean hannity's left-wing hate speech. >> his whole line about getting a shotgun, which aside from the fact that that's what you should do, but he undercut the whole right-wing argument that they are going to take your guns
6:26 am
away, but when he said five it off of the balcony, that's frowned upon in manhattan. >> stephanie: yeah, that's right. this is what -- they make these strawman arguments that nobody is making that argument. >> and they say it because they are terrified of being primaried by the tea party. >> see what they did to john mccain. >> stephanie: laura ingraham asked him, do you think the president would repeal the second amendment. and he said i don't think there's any question about it. he said once -- >> democrats have kind of sucked on this issue since the '90s. >> stephanie: he said universal
6:27 am
background checks are the beginning of the end. 90% of americans are for background checks. >> exactly, including gun owners. wayne lapierre doesn't speak for these people. he speaks for the manufacturers, the only people to profit since newtown. this is why lindsay graham has been going after chuck hagel, not because he has any moral core beliefs about chuck hagel being bad. lindsay graham is doing this because he knows the tea party dispieses him. >> these people do know the president can't just strike something down in the constitution. >> stephanie: i know. jeff in iowa writes steph back
6:28 am
in the '90s the nra supported background checks and then the brady law was passed and the gun industry complained about slumping gun sales so the nra decided they are now opposed to background checks. thank you, jeff. [ applause ] >> they want a national database of mentally ill people but not of gun owners and show id when you vote, but not when you buy a weapon. >> stephanie: exactly. nra president convicted of shooting. david keane bragged this week that his pro-gun agenda would work because guns were cool his
6:29 am
son was accused in december 2002 for shoot his handgun at another driver while taking his bmw for a jaunt along the potomac. the shot came within inches of the other driver's head and he should be getting out of prison just about now. he has a troubled mental history since high school had been hospitalized for' emotionally problems five times. when keane, jr. was arrested he was working as director of online communications and dear old dad was in charge of the aclu at the time. the son charged in road rage shooting was institutionalized with severe emotional problems
6:30 am
seven times between 8 and 18. his mother said he has had an continued problem with loss of control. causing him to respond to a way that was out of line with what was going on at the time. the gun was registered in keane's name added that her son and his fiance were on their way to target practice. >> it is really a question of what are you going to do gun junkies to make it harder for angry people to get their hands on weapons. and there is nothing. >> oscar pistorius has been granted bail but he has pledged to stay in south africa.
6:31 am
>> wow. >> stephanie: that story is curious. >> yeah, it is amazing. it's like the oj scandal, except it is all white people in south africa. >> the judge really seems to have believed his story. >> all i know is the courts in south africa have much cooler lighting than they do in america. >> i know it's awesome. >> it's like an indy film. >> stephanie: we have dave gilson next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's
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life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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>> desperately depressed, i turned to the one thing that could lessen my pain -- >> announcer: >> stephanie: yep. yep. yep. it is the "stephanie miller show." thirty-four minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. john fugelsang with us. an woman trying to make an evening snack ended up in the hospital after a round of ammunition exploded inside the oven. her friend placed a magazine in the oven. so she was shot by her oven. okay. so that happened. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: we have been talking about -- oh boy -- great piece in "mother jones" called ten pro gun myths shot down. the author of that piece dave gilson joining us now.
6:37 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> stephanie: you say fact checking some of the arguments are full of holes. oh, dave you have scamp. >> we love our funds. >> stephanie: no one knows the exact number of guns in america. it is clear that no one would know how to round them up and nobody in washington is proposing this. >> yeah looking at the numbers of guns just from a practical standpoint there are more than 300 million guns in the hands of civilians, the government and police officers only own about 4 million of them. so people need to keep that in perspective. >> stephanie: right. gun owners have the feds and cops outgunned by around 79 to
6:38 am
1. >> yeah, so the idea that we need more guns because the government is about to take them away, numerically speaking doesn't make sense. >> stephanie: this is my favorite. guns don't kill people people kill people. >> yeah, people with more gunsing tend to kill more people using those guns and there's just numerous examples of this and data that has shown this time and time again. >> stephanie: who said hammers and -- >> hammers and baseball bats -- >> stephanie: yeah kill just as many -- what in >> yeah that one is just not true. >> stephanie: i just love how people dismiss the statistics
6:39 am
right, dave? >> yeah the nra said it just depends on how you split up the states but it took two groups of states with the same population, and when you compare them you get higher death rates in states with more guns. >> stephanie: yeah, you use the boundaries you can see on most maps, the way we have commonly known as the states. >> right. >> stephanie: an armed society is a polite society. you say -- in stays with stand your ground and other laws similar, have linked to a 7 to 10% increase in homicides. again, it would seem like logic, right? >> yeah, again obviously most gun owners aren't running around shooting stuff up, but carrying
6:40 am
a gun can make you more aggressive. and we can seen more people getting shot as a result of the stand you ground laws. >> stephanie: last week [ inaudible ] was talking about trayvon martin, and he was like well if there wasn't a gun, wouldn't it be just a guy that lost a fistfight? >> yeah, that is a theme that comes up over and over. the availability of guns just introduces a new risk to situations that otherwise might have been resolved with a fistfight, or might feel pissed off -- if i can say that. >> stephanie: sure. >> -- so they reach for a gun. >> stephanie: mass shootings stopped by armed civilians in the last 30 years, zero. >> yeah we very been doing
6:41 am
extensive studies in massed shootings, and in all cases not a single one was stopped by a civilian picking up a gun and stopping the shooter. in cases where there was a gun, oftentimes more civilians got shot. the chances of a civilian being able to handle such a situation seem very slim >> stephanie: and shootings in er rooms are 1 in 5 from guns taken from an armed guard. >> yeah. >> stephanie: there was a few guns at fort hood. >> yeah and virginia tech. >> that's right. it's not just gun-free zones. >> stephanie: myth number 5,
6:42 am
keeping a gun at home making you safer. fact check, owning a gun makes you more likely to suicide, homicide, and accidents. yeah, again, that one seems fairly self-evident, right? >> yeah, and there has been a lot of public health research into that issue. and there are linked that when guns are around people tend -- >> stephanie: we have been talking about this oscar pistorius case, no matter what hand if it was a domestic dispute or he was afraid of a home invasion again, it would have been resolved differently if there wasn't a gun. we talked about what bob costas said about the football player. >> that's exactly right. though gun just changing the
6:43 am
equation. >> stephanie: number 6, nearly ten times more people were shot and killed in arguments than by civilians trying to stop a crime. >> yeah, you hear various numbers from the nra that 2.5 million people use their guns in self-defense every year and these numbers are probably wildly inflated. guns are used in self-defense but most likely they are used in crimes. >> stephanie: right. my favorite argument of right-wing radio host tried to make is they don't count the number of times a gun is brandished in a crime that is stopped. >> one person's self-defense is another person's intimidation. and there was a study where they asked people did you use your gun in self-defense, and then
6:44 am
they showed the situation to a panel of judges and the judges said about half of these would land you in court. this dude threatened me to i pulled my gun. that's not self-defense. that's intimidation. >> stephanie: yes. guns make women safer. nearly six times more women were shot by partners husbands and expartners than murdered by strangers. a women's chance of being killed is increased more than seven times if her partner has a gun. as lawrence o'donnell was saying, where has this ever happened that you used an assault weapon to fend off six assault-weapon wielding invaders, and your children are
6:45 am
crying in the background. >> yeah, as we see here you are more at risk from someone you live with, a man you live with, or are involved with, which is really sad, but again, if there is a gun in that equation and it's an abusive situation it can become deadly. >> stephanie: yeah, that's why we don't have guns around here. because these two -- i would have been gone a long time ago. because i am irritating. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: number 8 vicious violent video games deserve more blame than guns. and you make the case what is up with japan. and i'm just saying -- and again, clearly the first amendment is such -- i'm not talking about banning them. it troubles me, the video games. >> yeah, i was being a little
6:46 am
reductionist there, but there are countries all over the world where people do play the same video games that our kids play. >> stephanie: and aagree with you, that clearly guns are much more a part of the problem. gun homicides in the united states 11,030, in japan 11. i didn't read that wrong, 11. >> yeah they just are literally like no guns in japan -- >> video games, vie meant movies and mental illness have become the axis of scapegoat for the nra. >> stephanie: yeah, and then they put out a video game right after that. but i will say i have talked about this and who is the latest -- adam lanza, again, isn't there something there
6:47 am
where literally kids are doing it for hours -- all day long and all night. it is more of a parenting thing or what? >> i'm a parent and i don't let my kids play video games. i think it's a factor like anything else. but, you know, violent media is part of the overall equation that we talk about. >> you agree, david, adam lanza was also sleeping in a basement where his mother stored automatic weapons. >> yes and that's a big art of tight. and the nra is not saying let's have a discussion about everything, they are saying let's not talk about guns. let's just talk about the media. and guns have to be a part of the discussion. >> stephanie: my dearest friend who is a psychologist was on and
6:48 am
said there are studies that video games are not helpful. myth number 9 more and more americans are becoming gun owners truth, a shrinking number of americans own guns. but the gun owners are owning more guns. >> yeah, i think it's about 35% of americans that own guns. so it's obviously a minority but sometimes imagine we have 300 million guns and that's one for every person, well, no actually it's a few folks that collect guns or have their personal stash. >> stephanie: and how much of
6:49 am
that is driven by fear and stockpiling. >> yeah, and the main reason people are buying guns is for self-defense. >> stephanie: myth number 10 we don't need more gun laws just enforce the ones we have. fact check loopholes make it easier to get guns, and 40% of prison inmates who use guns in their crimes got them at gun shows. and i think that's huge. >> yeah, that's a glaring loophole that the nra has defended time and time again and it's the source of a lot of guns that get used in crimes, and -- you know, it would be easy enough to close it. >> stephanie: exactly. and the last one, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms has not had a permanent director
6:50 am
for six years. that was the main point of your piece, the nra is doing everything they can to block even data correction. >> the atf in particular has really had its hands tied by the nra. the data only really accesses in accessible form on background checks for 24 hours. so they basically have a day to get paper. >> stephanie: right. >> so literally evidence of crimes is being destroyed, because congress has set up the atf to be fairly week at the behest of the gun lobby. >> stephanie: all right. dave gilson thank you so much. >> thanks for having me >> we put a link to that article up on your facebook gauge. >> guns don't kill people,
6:51 am
enthusiasms kill people. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: back with more fridays with fugelsang on the "stephanie miller show." >> moving on to more businesses what act of unmitigated evil shall the republican party undertake this week? >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." alright, in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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>> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room
6:55 am
in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. >> and current will let me say anything. >> only on current tv. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ that's my girl, she's just a girl, thinks that i am the one, oh, yeah, with the chance to have my son ♪ >> stephanie: uh-huh. uh-huh. yeah. it is the "stephanie miller show." fifty-three minutes after the
6:56 am
hour. fridays with fugelsang in the new york bureau. we were talking about the top again myths. and about video games, norm ma on your side. >> okay. >> stephanie: steph maybe saying a young man who is into video games is a young man who has a cell phone. but i agree it should be looked at. she is on both sides of the issue. [ applause ] >> well, it depends on the guy or gal playing the game -- generally it's guys though. >> stephanie: that's what i am saying, is what is happening when it is always a young guy? it's a combination of assault weapons, high capacity
6:57 am
magazines, mental health and violent video games, right? oh, john, sorry? i don't know what happened to him. >> it has to do with people who have difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality, and those people are susceptible to being influenced by video games or whatever. >> stephanie: right. i know somebody has said that there is something about video games being interacttive. robert in ohio is a self-professed gun nut. >> caller: hello. i did some research and in 1792 our congress passed the militia act that grants every person who has a household the same when
6:58 am
uponry that the military has. and in 1972 congress passed the dick act. >> stephanie: excuse me. >> caller: the d-i-c-k act. >> they are still passing that. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: oh john fugelsang, see what you did there. >> i saw john mccain in the hall and i wanted to say thank for helping our album go to number one. >> stephanie: greg you are on. >> caller: steph i told tee bone i wanted to talk about the sequester, but the gun incident. i am 58 years old, and i have had 11 gun accidents in my
6:59 am
lives. seven were suicides. a friend's nephew was murdered. i had guns pointed at me twice. and i honestly -- in a biker bar when i was in college, i saw a bouncer stand off a shotgun-wielding patron, but that's a baker bar. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: that's something out of a patrick swaysy movie. >> caller: nothing against bikers, but i'm 58 years old and i have worked in the mental health field none of these outside of a coworker in the mental health field, committeds. seven weress. that's way too much in my life -- suicides.
7:00 am
>> stephanie: yeah, and if you have easy access to a gun, if you are in a wave of despair or depression, it is a lot easier to accomplish something that otherwise you would really have to think through. >> caller: it's sad. i'm not a violent person. to be honest i grew up here in an area where, you know, it was -- guns are prevalent here in pennsylvania. i think sometimes we're quoted as being the second largest nra members. >> stephanie: yeah i hear ya. all right. john fugelsang hangs with us. fridays with fugelsang continues a bit more on the "stephanie miller show."
7:01 am
[♪ theme music ♪]
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>> stephanie: hello current tv land, hour number 2. jacki schechner? >> yes. >> stephanie: this is right up your health care geek alley and floridian alley. rick scott becomes seven governor to okay obamacare medicaid expansion. >> yeah i reported yesterday that hell froze over. >> stephanie: yeah, exactly. he said -- this was interesting -- he gained new perspective after his mother's death last year. >> yeah, i don't buy it quite frankly. because he was fighting this all the way to the supreme court up until last summer. so he took a long time to figure it out. >> yes, he has seen his polls. >> that's what it is. he is wildly unpopular.
7:03 am
>> and now here is satan with a ski report. >> exactly. good morning, everybody, when the senate brings up chuck hagel's confirmation again on tuesday, it looks like he will make it through. three republican senators have indicated they will vote in favor of hagel. assuming all democrats vote yes naughts the total to at least 60. and that does not even include vocal holdouts john mccain, and lindsay graham. stephen colbert is holding a fund raiser for his sister tomorrow. she is running for congress in south carolina's first congressional district.
7:04 am
she is looking to fill the seat to replace jim demint. he picked a bowling alley because he said you have to go where the people are and one of the few sports that has a bar. he points out the business women may farewell from having voted in at least three republican primaries. governors will depend on washington this weekend for the governor's winter meeting. president obama will hold a reception for all of the governors at the white house on sunday. we're back with more show after the break. stay with us. ♪
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. happy friday. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. it is fridays with sexy liberal john fugelsang in the new york bureau. he is with us for a few moments longer. >> hi, stephanie miller. greetings from the freezing new york bureau. adam said i saw a story, that
7:09 am
red wine protects against hearing loss. what? >> what? >> red wine helping hearing loss. >> stephanie: yes, but it's not working. i'll see you in chicago. i'll be there to reach a few new levels of debotchry. i have meet and gropes i can't wait to spend time with you. the sexsiest possible that is not in a museum. [ applause ] >> stephanie: april 13th the big sexy liberal chicago. john fugelsang? >> yes, stephanie. >> stephanie: you have been hanging out, talking literally to herman cain. >> yes, i was going to try to ask him to come on to
7:10 am
"viewpoint" as a guest. but next thursday we will have dick cavet and susiestman. >> stephanie: that is fabulous. there are pictures of me ron howard, and michael moore and hot brie melissa fitzgerald. >> yeah, too bad about her looks, huh? >> stephanie: yeah. >> and she has an awesome personality. >> stephanie: she doesn't even have the decency to be a bitch. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: the president expresses doubts about a march 1st deal to head off the -- oh, boy -- he said at this point we continue to reach out to republicans and say this is not going to be good for the
7:11 am
economy or ordinary people but i don't know if they are going to move. the president yesterday. >> obama: i don't know why in this senate folks leave stuff until the last minute. there is no other profession no other industry, where people wait until the 11th hour to solve these big problems, and obviously it creates a lot of uncertain tiff in our economy. >> stephanie: you know what is interesting -- who voted for the sequester. democratic vote. zero. republican votes 218 [♪ fun-facts music ♪]. >> who moved it through the house when he was dragging he got 98% of what we wanted. >> stephanie: jay carney. >> with the jobs on the line if the squeeser takes place, and
7:12 am
the president will as he continues to do call on republicans in congress to agree to avoid the sequester because it's a wholly unnecessary inflected wound on the country. >> stephanie: so be it is what he said yesterday. >> yes, they will let the sequester happen but the polls show they won't blame the president. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: i was just going to say, john immigration, 50% with the president, 33% with republicans, climate change 47% support the president's views, 26% support the republican view. blame for the sequester, 31% the
7:13 am
president's fault, 49% republicans. [ wah wah ] >> that's the best news we could have gotten. john boehner wasn't going to call the house back from doing nothing on vacation to doing nothing in dc. but they will do something if they think they will be blamed. >> stephanie: this is my favorite. recent poll majority of americans consider being called republican insulting. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: here is where we are in america john. when people used to call you the f-word for being a gay man and throw gum in your hair. now it's being called a republican. 87% of americans consider
7:14 am
republicanism to be synonymous with greed, racism and violence. now just 27% of americans consider themselves republicans. the president's carney again. >> the president is commander in chief and he is very concerned. and that's why he has put forward compromise proposals again and again. >> stephanie: and he called mitch mcconnell in terrarium, jim -- he spoke to republican congressional leaders, he said he placed calls. >> i can't talk to your right now, i'm in the middle of a head of lettuce. >> stephanie: do you think he can hear crunching when he talks to him. he's like it's the president. and then he just hears clinking of glasses when he calls boner.
7:15 am
>> what are you talking about? that's not booze. >> stephanie: rich in illinois. hello, rich? >> caller: i work at a gun store and most of the people guying these ar systems are young people, i mean 21 to 30s. i don't see a bunch of old white guys coming in buying a $2,300 system. they say they want to guy it before the government abolishes the ability. >> are any women buying these guns? >> women are buying handguns by the carloads. >> which cause more murders but no one is trying to ban. >> caller: pardon me?
7:16 am
>> they cause more murders than assault weapons. >> stephanie: rich in illinois, you go right over -- outside of the city limits -- >> you can guy them at stuckeys. >> caller: can't bring it into the city though. i work outside of the city -- >> there is no magnetic force field -- >> stephanie: they are not like refrigerator magnets. >> no one are trying to take away handguns, and those are actually responsible for even more murders. and it's evil democrats taking all of our guns away. >> stephanie: yeah. josh in memphis, you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: i'm with michael moore's assessment that they are just scaring the heck out of us and talking about the video game thing. it's impossible to have a study on whether or not violent video games are doing this or not,
7:17 am
because there are no control group of kids in america that do not play violent video games. >> stephanie: yeah we have said that over and over again, it's not one thing but there's some -- you know there's some toxic brew going on. >> caller: i would say it's michael moore's assessment that media is scaring the heck out of us, and we're shooting at shadows. >> stephanie: yeah, he wrote a really good piece, michael moore. you know, john, it looked at all of the parts of it. >> yeah, i'm a fan of fake violence and a fan of real non-violence, so i'm not afraid of fake non-violence. australia has the same violent
7:18 am
video games that we have but they don't have mass shootings. >> stephanie: because they had something happen and then they did something about it. [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> yes they decided to save the lives of their countrymen. >> it was a little bit easier for them because they don't have a second amendment. >> this week by the way was the 80th anniversary of the 21st amendment, which repealed prohibition. >> stephanie: exactly. beth in texas. hi, beth. >> caller: hi, how are y'all? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: all of this discussion about mental health like wayne law pierre seems to
7:19 am
think there is a difference between the lunatics and those of who are sane. and we were discussing the age groups. and my brother and i actually worked at hall directors when we were in graduate school. he saw a lot more of this than i did, because he finished graduate school, but about the ages of 18 to 22 it's very often when someone who is psychotic is going to have their first psychotic break. until then you can't screen for that. you can't do a background check for that. all you can do is decrease the availability of the most lethal and efficient means of killing. >> stephanie: i agree. absolutely. all right. seventeen minutes after the hour. the remaining moments of fridays with fugelsang. >> announcer: call the political
7:20 am
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♪ ♪ if you don't want to party, then you should go home, we got -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ -- going on ♪ ♪ everybody say, hey hey ♪ >> i'm guessing your oscar party won't be quite that ruckus. >> that's because i'm not there. >> stephanie: come on, john, move to l.a.
7:25 am
>> i'm working on it. >> stephanie: john we were talk about gun stuff, and chris gave us the breaking news earlier that oscar pistorius got bail. and some people are comparing this to o.j. this story seems fishy to me john jwhat do you think? >> one the one good thing about his being released is lady's he is single. >> oh, john louise fugelsang. >> i have heard so many conflicting cases there. this is the most famous person ever in the country's history accused of murder ever. and you combine the factors will
7:26 am
are a few coincidences. >> i guess to me wouldn't your instinct be, hey honey, do you hear something? wouldn't you think, gee, i wonder if it's my partner in the bathroom? >> i think there's a girl lying on the bathroom floor, but i'm going to assume my girlfriend is lying next to me and i'm going to go in there and fire four shots. >> stephanie: i thought someone said the bathroom door was locked, which is why he used the -- >> right. from the inside. >> stephanie: which why would you do that unless you were scared. >> and if she is crouching on the floor, how does he no to shoot downwards. >> and their judicial system is slightly different than ours.
7:27 am
so we can't apply to what we know about ours to what is going on over there. >> but this touches on steroids or androgel or whatever he had, this touches on so many different issues and again, it's just all the more tragic. >> stephanie: yeah obviously and you can say his neighbors said they heard arguing, shouting. >> yeah. you -- you quoted the stat earlier about how much more danger you are of being killed by a loved one if there is a gun in your home. >> stephanie: right. and like i said whether this is a domestic dispute or tragic accident. >> the more i'm finding out about him, the more of a douche he always has been. he doesn't sound like the most pleasant person in the world.
7:28 am
i don't know what that means -- but whatever -- >> stephanie: yeah plus the whole story is like why would a burglar be in your bathroom. really, would he take a pit stop -- [ farting sounds ] >> stephanie: hold on, don't come in here right now. >> and unlike o.j. it doesn't involve race, but when the o.j. case hand and people were saying it was too much coverage the fact is, o.j. was a bigger name than fatty arbuckle. so this story is not going away. >> stephanie: yeah, dave in california. you are on this john. hey, dave. >> caller: hi, guys i wanted to talk to you about that gun nut that called in a little bit earlier -- >> which one? >> caller: the one that was talking about house resolution
7:29 am
11-654 of 1902 also called the dick act. >> stephanie: that is a thing. we thought we were being pranked. >> caller: it is a real thing. what it says is that you can't take away our right to own guns but what it doesn't say, and i bet he wasn't going to menning this, is it doesn't say anything about congress's ability to regulate guns. >> stephanie: right. >> yep. >> caller: what it does is it refines the 1792 act militia act. >> right. >> caller: basically it's a refinement on that one. >> there were actually two of them. >> stephanie: exactly. good point. thank you, honey. jill in ithaca you are on with john. >> caller: good morning, just to put things in a different perspective, since sandy hook happened 2,041 people have died
7:30 am
in this country because of gun violence. >> stephanie: yeah, i was instruct by the fact i got to talk to michael moore last night, and he was so powerful -- he was on after the aurora shooting and he said i'm not doing this again. i'm not going to keep talking about this and what we should do. and look at what has happened since then. >> absolutely. and we have to do something more than we're doing, and i don't understand why there can't be a counterpart. there are responsible gun owners. i don't know why we can't -- they can't form another association not affiliated with the nra who are linked to gun manufacturers. >> stephanie: yeah. >> we also have no way of knowing how many members are in the nra, because they still count deceased members as active members. >> stephanie: and i'm guessing
7:31 am
they haven't taken the guns from their cold dead hands. >> what i'm saying is wayne lapierre lies about sex. >> stephanie: see what you did there. john fugelsang, you remain a delight. and if you would like to see john fugelsang live, you can do that, april 13th at the chicago theater along with hal sparks and i. >> and monday on "viewpoint." >> stephanie: love you john fugelsang. >> have a great weekend. >> stephanie: twenty-nine minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of
7:32 am
his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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>> you have a problem with authority. >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> you believe that you are special, that somehow the rules don't apply to you obviously you are mistaken >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." we were just having oscar pistorius fights during the break. who goes in the bathroom and locks the door -- why would she lock the door if she was going to the bathroom? >> well, maybe she has -- >> stephanie: privacy issues? >> yes. >> stephanie: if you think your partner is asleep in the middle of the night, who locks the door. >> you never know, she could be pee shy like you. >> stephanie: i'm pee shy. but you are speculating that he
7:37 am
is may have to tickle her butt to pee again as well. oops, did i blurt that out again. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: let's go to scott in alabama. >> caller: hello. i was calling about the whole debate about the video games. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: what i wanted to say is -- okay i'm an avid gamer and also used to work at game soft which is the largest retailer of video games in the united states. pretty much every retailer in the u.s. has a policy that you must present a subtle idea to purchase a mature-rated game. >> stephanie: what -- what is the age limit? >> caller: it's -- you have to be 18 or older to purchase a game. >> it depends on the game too. >> caller: yeah, well the issue with a lot of minors playing
7:38 am
video games is actually the parents, because when i worked at game stop pretty much every parent that came in if you told them what the content was, they did not care. they would say oh, i'm not worried about the violence i just want them to mute the game because i don't want to hear them cussing. >> stephanie: okay. i get his point. you have to have an id and be a certain age. >> yeah but it's not like a -- it's like movie theater, not every theater checks. >> stephanie: yeah. keith go ahead. >> caller: i'm probably against a lot of the things that you are for in that i'm 99% conservative, but i am a member of the nra. i have some high-powered rifles
7:39 am
because i do a lot of big game hunting, my wife has to travel on an hour half ride once a week, so she has a weapon's permit, and there is no reason why people should haven't to register their weapons with a federal or government agency. and if you don't register your weapon and you are caught, then you should be sentenced to prison. >> stephanie: you described yourself as 99%, in my mind this is a common sense issue. >> caller: it's that it's the fact that i'm a high school principal, i have a resource officer in my school. i have two kids in elementary school that do not have the resource officers. one thing i have said at a board meeting is there are a lot of
7:40 am
guys coming back from afghanistan and iraq that know how to handle tough situations and they need jobs. what i would be a problem to putting those guys on the job after a background check. >> stephanie: exactly. keith, barbara boxer has proposed the national guard. but i think you got to look at everything on this issue, because you're not going to fix mental health and guns and all of that overnight. it's the last thing you want to see is another sandy hook. let's dive into the right-wing world. rush limbaugh -- [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: is he a shamed to be an american again? >> ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in my life i am ashamed of my country. to be watching all of this to be treated -- to have my intelligence, all of us to have our common sense and
7:41 am
intelligence insulting the way it's being -- seriously, man. here we get worked up over $44 billion -- that's the total amount of money that will not be spent that was scheduled to be spent. >> didn't he blow a cochlear when michelle obama said she was finally proud to be an american or something like that. >> stephanie: right. right. >> why aren't people blowing gaskets over this. >> it's different when i do it! >> stephanie: what does he make $20 million a year or something like that? >> a gazillion. >> i got mine jack. >> stephanie: sean hannity. >> here we live in the greatest country that god gave man. it is embarrassing that so many people are suffering needlessly. it's embarrassing with all of our wealth and 50 million
7:42 am
americans are on food stamps 1 in 6 are in poverty. we have more oil than iran iraq, and saudi arabia combined. >> sean hannity is embarrassed to be an american too. and i dare say america is embarrassed of them too. >> stephanie: exactly. >> who's fault is it that we're the richest country in america and can't take care of earn. who's fault is that. >> stephanie: exactly. o'reilly. >> my question is, why is this happening? it's a total waste of taxpayer money and insulting to the country. the reason stuff like this goes
7:43 am
on is the culture of liberalism that has now gripped washington. the message has gone out progressive thought is in. >> sensitivity is french and gay. >> we should take bill o'reilly and just sexually harass all kinds of underlinks. >> stephanie: okay. steve doocy. >> you can thank al gore for this one. al-jazeera are coming to more american cities. is this just a trojan horse for more terrorists. >> stephanie: al-jazeera didn't participate in 9/11. >> stephanie: you would think we would know because apparently
7:44 am
we are in the trojan horse. is this really his name? joe bastardy. >> apparently he is several bastards. >> i think what we have to fear is the people who are stirring up fear, and there is no greater example than that than the issue of weather and climate. we're seeing a weather pattern very similar to the 1950s. where the pacific began a cooling cycle, and the atlantic was still warm. a lot of hurricanes along the eastern seaboard and also a lot of blocking that going on. the end game of this winter you could see it happening, 1956, 1958, 1960 it actually happened in 69 and most correctly 2010 where we had all of that snow that fell -- >> it's snow. >> it's a natural cycle --
7:45 am
>> stephanie: oh, for god's sake, really? >> the ice caps are melting. wake up. >> stephanie: fox news would only hire climate change deniers -- >> as weather men. >> stephanie: right. they'll eventually be doing the weather from water world. >> drinking their own pee. that's what they did in water world. >> stephanie: i know. michael farris christian youth cross talk. >> yeah. >> home schooling itself specifically, we have seen executive orders on lots of different subjects so if president obama gets it in his head that he is going to issue an executive order to end home schooling, i wouldn't put it past this administration to try something like that. >> what are you smoking? >> they are capable of anything.
7:46 am
>> stephanie: right after orrin hatch said he is going to ban the second amendment. >> i don't think that home schooling is on his radar. >> stephanie: it could happen. the president could do anything. he is capable of doing anything. >> i'm sorry, but the right is nothing but a bunch of paranoid crazies now. >> stephanie: exactly. it's hypothetical land. >> did you get that news busters. >> obama is going to repeal the law of gravity. >> that's why i didn't talk there so they had an ed be it point. >> exactly. >> stephanie: bill you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: i'm the official currier driver for the "stephanie miller show." >> how come you haven't delivered my package yet? >> because i don't work for the
7:47 am
postal service. i have been adopted by the million moms as a token dad. >> stephanie: all right. >> caller: woo-hoo. >> stephanie: he is celebrating. all right. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: funny how? funny like a clean? like she's here to amuse you? it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ dance to the radio, i got the
7:52 am
world calling me on the phone ♪ ♪ i need a lover that won't drive me crazy ♪ ♪ i need a lover that won't drive me mad ♪ ♪ i need a lover that won't drive me mad ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show" jwelcome it to. happy friday. fifty minutes after the hour. let's go to alan in texas. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: here in the great state of texas i can have a concealed gun license, but it just seems ironic -- you know, the right talks about people getting killed with knives. in texas i can't carry a blade over 3.5 inches on me. i can't carry a concealed a pipe brass knuckles -- i can shoot somebody but i can't
7:53 am
defend myself with, you know, brass knuckles. >> stephanie: wow. that's an interesting point. that really is. again, why -- whether it's liability or what why are guns the only thing we can't regulate. >> the second amendment applies to arms. arms can be guns or anything that you use as a weapon, can't it? so why -- it's because of the nra and their lobby. >> stephanie: exactly. let's go to lee in ithaca. hi, lee. >> caller: hi, steph. i'm calling about a study i saw by a guy named richard willkinson, and he explains that violence along with so many other social ills are caused
7:54 am
because of income equality and the lack of trust that creates. it's funny because if you watch, norway has the most no gun violence, and their income and inequality is so much different than hours. >> stephanie: yeah, as i was saying i hung out with michael moore last night, because i keep name dropping, because i'm obnoxious. >> yes. >> stephanie: but he wrote a really comprehensive piece of all of the components that go into our gun problem. >> in canada they have plenty of guns, but they are not afraid, because they have a government that takes care of its people. >> stephanie: right, and a lot of this problem -- one of the sandy hook families remember was saying -- can you imagine
7:55 am
they lost their kid, but they were like thinking what if we had reached out to adam lanza, he lived across the street or something -- it's these loaners. >> every block has that loaner family. and they don't all call people. >> stephanie: let's go to shawn in sacramento. >> hey stephanie. i just wanted to say. i listen to a lot of conservative talk radio. -- >> stephanie: i'm sorry. >> caller: i know but somebody has to monitor it. but it's kind of funny that liberals are often criticized for disliking the military, not supporting them. we have been branded as this anti-military, anti-armed forces party, but yet the funny thing is the republicans are continually talking about having to arm ourselves against a
7:56 am
government and a military takeover from our volunteer armed forces that apparently have plans to round us up and put us into fema camps. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: how can you say that you have a low opinion of the military and don't respect them when to some degree they are vilifying them on a much higher level. >> stephanie: it's hard for most of us to have an appreciation of the military than ted cruz does who has not served -- >> sure, the military is full of right-wingers like tammy duckworth -- oh, wait that's not true. >> stephanie: yes. hello, ron. >> caller: i'm behind the president and all of the plans and things that he would like to get done, and i will keep working to help the president out, but i don't see a lot of
7:57 am
hope in him getting things passed threw because this republican crazy's absolutely hate -- >> stephanie: ron your key is done or you are cutting through a bike frame with a band saw, or sarah palin is on your tv. >> caller: i'm sorry could you repeat that? >> stephanie: that's all right. i don't know what that was. but i thought we should get off of the phone so you could go tend it to. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: a clever plan to make looming spending cuts much less draconian. the gop's emerging legislative fix is counter intuitive and clever. senate republicans along with influential conservative commentators are proposing to
7:58 am
provide agency heads. the irony is in the near term the gop's proposed fix would delegate a great deal of authority to the executive branch. >> why are conservative commentators -- >> stephanie: because they run the party now. aside from the potential flaw it's a clever idea. democrats expect republicans to offer a plan like this as an alternative to their own sequester bill and are poised to vote it down. but it's like the health exchanges -- they are like -- no we're not going to do it, and that means the government runs it and that was their original argument that it was a big government plan. >> see, we told ya! >> nobody elected those far-right yahoos on the radio. >> has senator boxer ever asked
7:59 am
me what i think she should do? of course not. >> do congressional republicans really need the hell of right-wing radio yahoos to get legislation passed? >> stephanie: no. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: republican strategies doubt the -- they question why the party is continuing to focus on benghazi. ed rodgers said i missed the meeting amongst republicans that this would be pursued at all coast no holds barred. >> yeah. >> stephanie: and i guess it's -- it's become exclusively like you said, chris, about southern bell lindsay graham's primary or something. >> yeah. >> stephanie: it's about butching lindsay graham up. >> and putting smelling salts
8:00 am
under his nose. >> stephanie: i meant a senor toal lover. >> his business boyfriend. >> stephanie: exactly. we have rick scott news, and jacki schechner is just hearing this for the first time right now. after the top of the hour. call us, and if you have health care questions, let's do a corner. fifty-eight minutes after the hour right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:01 am
[♪ theme music ♪]
8:02 am
>> stephanie: jacki schechner in the current news center. did you get the news that jacki schechner health care geek will be joining us in just a couple of seconds on health care corner. >> i heard the rumor before the break. nice to let me know. i feel like i'm getting a pop quiz. >> stephanie: we touched on that rick scott -- >> don't say that we touched on rick scott. >> that would be slippery. >> stephanie: but you were saying people in real life -- you are like a doctor and people go look at this does this look infected to you? >> yes, i get a lot of questions, and some of them i have ready answers to and some i have to look up. >> stephanie: all right. if you have questions for jacki for health care corner, call us
8:03 am
in just a couple of minutes, as soon as she takes off her reporter's cap. >> and puts on her health care bonnet. [ laughter ] >> good morning, everybody. vatican radio was reporting that the pope's twitter account will be shut down when he retires next week. pope benedict has only sent about 36 tweets. there is no word yet on whether whoever succeeds him will use the social networking site. house republicans are gearing up to put together their own version of the violence against women right.
8:04 am
it allows tribal courts to prosecute nominatetive americans. according to chuck grassley that is why he voted no. he said he feared a nominatetive american wouldn't get a fair trial on an indian reservation but shockingly he is wrong. tribal courts are bound by the constitution the same way state courts are. and president obama is weighing in on the supreme court's arguments on part of the voting right's act next wednesday. the president said the high court should leave the provision in effect as it stands now. the president says without justice department oversight people would lose any avenues toal companying the problems. we're back after the break. stay with us. all across america people are using
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is >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. the website, check it out, you can email us all there. yes? >> stephanie: oscar pistorius's bail was set at $113,000 which is 1 million rand -- >> stephanie: right. that's not a lot. >> any hoo. >> stephanie: yes? i'm sorry go ahead. >> this portion of the "stephanie miller show" brought to you by british police
8:09 am
uniforms l.a. message query is billy 12 freeze the great love grandchild of [ inaudible ] scenes in l.a. answer british police uniforms l.a. in a few varieties. >> stephanie: fabulous, the website, you can i'm us all there. like this one. steph, hard to find the way to watch your recorded show, but if i don't my life just feels off. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you are right, charlotte. it's just off -- it just has begun to turn. >> i got an email yesterday saying that our music sucks. >> stephanie: excuse me. i'm allergic too it. and we put up pictures of me hanging with michael more and ron howard and -- >> whatever! >> stephanie: it was the united
8:10 am
nations labor organization and green jobs event. it was a big fancy thing in west hollywood. [ applause ] >> stephanie: used to be morton's. >> oh. >> stephanie: right. >> they closed off the streets for that. >> stephanie: yes, that was us. and the third member of the thruple, jacki schechner was supposed to be there, but jacki -- [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: went to bed instead. ♪ i think she gets up in the night and -- >> stephanie: right. ♪ -- and got it right, was jacki schechner ♪ ♪ so happy with schechner ♪ >> stephanie: good morning, jacki schechner. >> good morning, i ran by a party tent in my neighborhood
8:11 am
yesterday and called melissa and said why can't you get invited to that stuff? >> stephanie: yes, as chris said nothing good happens west of dohenney. >> it's true. >> travis and i have to be holed up in our places. we couldn't leave our places because of all of the traffic. >> stephanie: jacki schechner -- >> yes? >> stephanie: we touched upon this earlier governor rick scott announced plans to extend medicaid coverage. a surprise decision from the vocal critic. here he is yesterday. >> while the federal government is committed to paying 100% of the costs, i cannot in good conscious deny floridians that need access to health care.
8:12 am
>> stephanie: yeah jacki that's why i don't get why anyone would turn this down as long as the government is going to pay 100% -- that's always been the deal. >> yes. we have to keep in mind that rick scott didn't all of a sudden discover something he didn't know. >> right. >> they have always agreed to pay 100% for the first three years and then 90% after that. so this is not news for rick scott. >> stephanie: and i love that he makes it sound like it's a demand the president conceded too. >> yeah, it's always been the case -- his totally deteriorating poll numbers -- >> isn't he in like the 30s now? >> i don't know. he bought his way into office. it's astonishing that he even
8:13 am
made it. and he sent $5 million of his own money to fight against health care reform he challenged it to the supreme court, and he ran a hospital company that defrauded medicare and had to pay a huge -- at the time it was the largest fine ever. >> stephanie: it is stunning that he is the governor. but he said he gained new perspective after his mother's death last year call it a compassionate common sense step forward. >> two things, if it mother passed away last year it took him a heck of a long time to come to this. because he was fighting this up until this summer and really even more recently than that he has been against it. and there were billions of dollars allocated to florida for a high speed railway, and he
8:14 am
didn't take that money. >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> so somewhere along the way those principles have shifted for him. and coincidently or not his decision came at the same time the federal government gave florida a waiver that would allow them to use some public medicaid funds for private managed care. so they can use some public money to pay private medicaid plans, and rick scott is a huge plan of privatized care. >> stephanie: right. >> so medicaid shift is totally in line with rick scott's principle when it comes to health care that it should be for profit. >> stephanie: here is rick scott again yesterday. >> the supreme court has already made their decision. we had an election in the fall the public made their decision >> stephanie: i love that he is
8:15 am
able to go i'm still not for it -- >> who is this guy? >> stephanie: yeah exactly. >> you thought mitt romney was insincere -- >> and up until now he has been a really angry tea partier type and now all of a sudden he has cap it lated to everything. >> stephanie: yeah, he is the seventh governor -- they see the writing on the wall right. >> they called him healthcare enemy number one. and it is so dishonest. >> stephanie: jacki does this look infected to you? [ laughter ] >> to be totally honest there is a lot of stuff i know, and because the law is very large and has a lot of provisions and there's some stuff i don't know -- >> stephanie: that's not true, everybody -- >> no, i'm happy to help you
8:16 am
fine the answer if i don't? all right. pay no attention to her false humility. diane in michigan you are on with jacki. go ahead. >> caller: hi, stephanie. i like the show. my question is for jacki about medicare. is there a cap on medicare like on social security or does everyone pay into it? >> everybody pays into it from what i understand. >> caller: okay. i heard on tom hartman's program that the people on facebook were getting their money through dividends in stock, and they don't pay into medicare when they do it that way -- >> i'm not sure i know how that works. >> stephanie: all right. i will say that. she is not in charge of facebook. otherwise she knows everything about everything. >> i use the facebook -- >> right, but you are on an
8:17 am
employee or anything. >> no. >> stephanie: rich in minneapolis. >> caller: steph i remember scott owned health care businesses and he turned them over to his wife, and he made profits off of the drug testing or supposed proposed drug testing for the state, so he or his wife will probably make money off of this system if he accepts it. so this isn't anything he is doing for the people. he is doing it for himself. >> yes, he does own clinics, and he did turn those over to his wife, or at least transferred ownership of those. >> stephanie: how do these guys get away with it, oh it's not mine. it's the little wivy's. >> yeah. >> stephanie: jacki i always like to do stories that have a
8:18 am
worse love life than me. >> i'm a little interested in the guy with the pasta hat. you sprung that on me yesterday, and then i thought of so many jokes i could have made. >> stephanie: woman caught having sex with pitbull in backyard. >> what? >> stephanie: i'm a dog lover, however, police in las vegas were called to the home of a 23-year-old woman earlier this week after her neighbors claimed she was having sex with a pitbull in brood daylight. when cops arrived, they found
8:19 am
her naked on the ground in an unspecified act -- >> because they couldn't figure it out? >> stephanie: they would rather not say. this part will shock you. she appeared to be on drugs. greeted officers with a hi and proceeded the touch in a sexual way. [ buzzer ] >> this was not in florida? >> stephanie: no las vegas. she said she was bipolar and claimed to be on prescription medication. >> bipolar and bispecies. >> now you have tongue kissed max and fred -- >> stephanie: i don't always do this, sometimes it's the cat. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: the weirdest part of the story is the hi. >> hi, i'll be with you in a minute. >> just let me finish him off. [ buzzer ]
8:20 am
>> stephanie: oh! >> what? did i go too far? >> stephanie: yes! >> when they arrested her, did she get collared? [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: jacki schechner you sullied a perfectly good corner. >> stephanie: she did? >> no, you did. >> stephanie: i love you jacki schechner. >> bye, guys! >> have fun at the dog park. >> stephanie: we'll go cruising at the dog park later. eighteen minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: funny how? like she's a clown? like she's here to amuse you? it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:21 am
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. ♪
8:25 am
>> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ i'm every woman, it's all in me ♪ >> you were every woman? really? >> stephanie: every single one. twenty-three minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. bob in chicago writes steph i would like to be the official "stephanie miller show" -- something, please feel free to appoint me any title you wish, knowing if you read this i'll be the happiest human on the planet. oh, then you are the happiest human on the planet. [ bell chimes ] >> stephanie: joe in detroit you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, joe. >> hi guys how are ya? >> stephanie: good idea. >> caller: couple of things on
8:26 am
the sequester. we don't have to agree on anything. they passed the law. they can just vote to repeal the law. >> stephanie: yeah. >> and karl rove this was kind of a neat strategy for them, said that the house should pass a bill that says the sequester will continue, but they'll give the president the authority to choose where the cuts come so that every time he says i'm going to cut this they can do a press release saying today president obama cut this. >> stephanie: right. forcing him to make the -- yeah the hard choices, right. >> caller: right. and then beat him up with it? >> stephanie: yeah, that's the thing is they aring only interested in how they can win politically, not what is good for the country or what is the most logical way to govern. let's go to veronica in jacksonville. >> caller: hi, how are you? i am a little nervous but when
8:27 am
i heard about what rick scott did i had to call in. he came here in jacksonville because we have a black mayor and marched in to martin luther king parade with him, and if that wasn't bad enough, on the news that night, there he is trying to learn how to do this dance called the wobble with two black guys -- >> stephanie: oh man, like people understand that photo ops are the same things as actually enacting policy that people can get behind. those lines were just a disgrace in florida. dave in florida as well. not at lot of rick scott fans calling today. hi, dave. >> caller: hi, steph and guys, i called because i wanted to talk about rick scott too because i
8:28 am
am a little nervous, i hate the guy, but he has this year done three things -- just like jacki said that are disingenuous and a total flip flop but really good things, he expanded medicare -- >> stephanie: medicaid, yeah. >> caller: and he came back after the election and said oh my, we really must do something about this and take actions to fix what he broke in the first place, and he has decided to give [ inaudible ] in florida a pretty nice raise. and it's disingenuous and a political stunt, but it's got to help his chances politically. it makes me nervous. >> stephanie: uh-huh. yeah. >> caller: because that's how marco rubio won his senate seat in part. it was such an ugly election,
8:29 am
and marco ran the nice music and went the other directions in his ads, and it was almost refreshing, and in florida, we're just drowning in ads, of course. >> stephanie: yeah absolutely. >> caller: anyway, that's all. >> stephanie: yeah absolutely. alice in madison, welcome. >> caller: hi things are pretty bad when rick scott is looking pretty good. but i'm in wisconsin and our governor refused to expand health care, and instead came out with what he called a hybrid plan which is supposed to insure a lot moore of the uninsured and i'm not buying it. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: anyway, it's sad when we're looking -- rick scott is looking good. >> stephanie: yeah right.
8:30 am
it's -- because he was -- at one point they were all battling each other for the lowest approval rating, all of these republican governors. >> they were. makes you wrinkle your nopes. >> stephanie: joe in arizona, hi, joe. >> caller: hey how are you doing steph? >> stephanie: good. >> caller: i can't believe they elected scott in florida, the governor, when he had 14 charges of medicare fraud, the biggest in history -- >> stephanie: jacki and i were just talking about that. >> caller: paid $1.7 billion in fines. i thought that would be a felony that he can't be elected to a position like that. >> stephanie: yeah, i -- one would think wouldn't one. >> caller: yeah it just goes to show you the mentality of the people in florida. >> stephanie: not to cast dispersion on the entire state, but just saying florida.
8:31 am
[ laughter ] >> stephanie: go ahead. >> caller: i was wondering if you heard the last paul kugman speech he gave? >> stephanie: no. >> caller: by 2005 there will be no money to play for the health care plan, so they have to raise taxes on the middle class, and institute the death panels. >> stephanie: i doubt he used those words, but we'll research it. twenty-nine minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ those types are coming on to me all the time now. >> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> you would rather deal with ahmadinejad then me. >> absolutely! >> and so would mitt romeny. >> she's joy behar. >> and the best part is that current will let me say
8:32 am
anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> only on current tv.
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
>> there are always a lot of fellows who follow ever fad that .comes along and but there are always a few who have enough individuality who go their own way. you know what i mean wally? >> yeah just like -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: nothing lasts longer than knocking out bad breath and dry mouth than therabreath. >> the lozenges are great.
8:37 am
>> stephanie: yes. it's better than gum -- >> well if you swallow it. >> stephanie: man in kentucky arrested for breaking into fire house and aledgedly masturbating on firemen's gear. >> wow. okay. . that's a niche. >> stephanie: i have said firemen are just hot, right? ♪ >> i come from a family of firefighters so it is like dad and grandpa for me. >> i come from a family of arsonists. >> well, then we should talk. >> stephanie: you did not. >> i know. >> stephanie: when firefighters when to investigate, he was reportedly masturbating on their gear, which has been removed from their lockers. why? he said because i wanted to. [ applause ] >> so i suspect they through him
8:38 am
down the hole without the pole. >> insurance regulations dictate that fire houses no longer have poles. >> they don't have fire poles anymore. oh. >> it was the insurance companies. >> stephanie: this doesn't seem right, whistleblower fired for revealing copping for threatening the president. he blew the whistle on the members after making inappropriate comments while providing protection for the president and first lady. the officer should have been protected under the first amendment because he was speaking as a matter of public concern and as state sin. >> yeah. >> stephanie: oh look a story
8:39 am
about ted nugent everybody. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> great. >> stephanie: i don't understand why anyone -- ted nugent explained on world net daily, so you know it was more reasoned than usual. he said african-americans should become republicans because -- he is calling his 2013 tour ted nugent black pourer building on his team that african-americans should be [ inaudible ]. he is tired of jesse jackson and al not so sharpton oh clever appearing in the media and spouting their mambo jumbo. his column taps into a
8:40 am
particular strain prevalent to tea partiers. he says it's just like slavery. >> oh, wow. >> that hurt. >> stephanie: that hurt my heart. as my mom's friend used to say, although she was referring to john travolta playing a woman in hair spray. that hurt my heart. >> really? >> what about jack lemon playing a woman? >> that was pre-masseuse situation. >> oh, boo. >> stephanie: laura bush asking to be removed from the ad supporting gay marriage she says they ought to have the same rights as everyone else has.
8:41 am
they used a bunch of republicans who expressed thoughts on that. it was prominent american leaders speaking about that issue. >> and the organization, they are doing the right thing by removing her from the ad. >> stephanie: right. they said we respect her issues. but on the other hand boo pickles! [ booing ] >> but it would be more impressive if these people sat down and made an ad from this organization, rather than just making an ad from clips of various places. >> stephanie: yeah. all right. daniel craig -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: says he is nothing like james bond. he said he is different in every way. he said that man has nothing to do with me nothing at all. why am i guessing that sir sean
8:42 am
connery would have some thoughts on this. >> shawn, tell us something we don't know you draft cow. i knew it when he admitted he couldn't work a stick shift. a real manos how to double clutch and all stuff going downhill when some brat invented the synchronized transmission. do you need someone to wipe your ass as well. you gumless berke, that will be sure. ♪ gold finger ♪ >> stephanie: all right. >> he seems cranky. >> i'm an old man, of course i'm cranky. >> an old scottish man. >> perhaps i should rethink this
8:43 am
no underwear policy when wearing a kilt. >> stephanie: lady gaga has undergone hip surgery. >> how old is she? >> stephanie: one of her hips is one of liza manila's old ones. >> she is not hip enough. >> stephanie: arnold schwarzenegger in south korea promoting his latest flop overseas. the last stand. the movie bombed with u.s. audiences. he said he tries to pick projects that quote could be popular not only in america, but also all over the world. >> what does korean sound like with an austrian accent. >> stephanie: he says he is not still running california, so there's that.
8:44 am
>> i'm sure in south korean they wonder what american sounds like with an austrian accent. so there. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: all right. steven spielberg is he favored to win best director for "lincoln"? >> i don't think so. >> stephanie: he can console himself on his $2 million yacht. you can rent that. >> stephanie: it includes an inminty pool gym, spa helapad. it measured 882 feet in length.
8:45 am
so you probably don't need a bigger boat after all. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: see there. speaking of oscar talk -- we're doing ballots at my oscar party sunday. >> i would be there if i could will get. >> stephanie: you are going to be almost in the bowls of the oscars, so good luck. >> thanks. >> stephanie: everybody's guesses for best picture "argo," "argo," le mes, "zero dark thirty," "lincoln." lead actor -- >> daniel daye louis by far? >> stephanie: yeah, i think so
8:46 am
too. >> there has been some buzz about naomi watt lately. she gives harrowing performance. >> stephanie: jennifer lawrence was the best thing in what i thought was another wise irritating movie. >> i haven't seen it. >> stephanie: i have the screener -- >> i know. i need to come over and do your it work. >> stephanie: right. how else can i bribe you to do anything? come do my it work and i'll give you the screener. >> oh, god. >> stephanie: charlotte in fresno. >> caller: hey, steph, you are correct about violent computer games. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: the bible talks about by beholding you become changed, and what you behold you become. >> stephanie: oooooooooh.
8:47 am
hum. i'm not sure they were referring to violent video games -- >> no. >> i don't think so. >> stephanie: arlene writes steph gail trotter and is insane. my ex-brought a gun home years ago, and i thought oh lord, the only thing he is going to use that on is me. when went to work, and thank god, because a few weeks later he got in a fight with his stepson and brought out the gun. >> stephanie: we'll be right back with the remaining moments. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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♪ getting jiggy with -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ getting jiggy with it ♪ ♪ nah, nah, nah, nah ♪ ♪ um, um ♪ >> stephanie: i'm going down the o.j. hall. >> yeah, you are getting sucked in >> stephanie: i just ininvited marcia clark to my oscar party. oscar screamed for the intruder to get out of his house. wouldn't she have screamed back? >> maybe he was screaming so
8:53 am
loud he couldn't hear her. >> stephanie: perhaps. sandy writes steph we are kindered spirits i also ended up with a jart in my head. i died laughing when you talked about it. you are on the only spaz. my is a little spazsier because i didn't let go of the jart, i actually buried the jart in the top of my own head. >> how -- how -- how do you do that? >> stephanie: i was a little spaz. >> you didn't bury it into your head -- >> stephanie: well kind of. >> you just beaned yourself. >> stephanie: the last instruction was let go of it. >> i'm going to throw this thing that way. >> stephanie: clink. it didn't stick in there -- >> that's the impression you
8:54 am
goodiven all of these years. >> stephanie: if i actually had a jart stuck through my head wouldn't be here -- >> yeah. >> stephanie: connie in florida. hi, connie. >> caller: hi, i love your show. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: got one more thing to say about rick scott. >> stephanie: and who doesn't. >> caller: he is not going to get reelected, but this is what i got to say, the voters voted in high-speed rail a long time ago. >> right. >> stephanie: and then the republican legislature and he nicked it. he has turned down federal money to do it. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: so his main focus has been widening our ports so we can get all of this business from the panama canal. >> right. >> caller: we don't have the infrastructure to haul the freight once it gets here.
8:55 am
>> stephanie: i know duh. >> duh what do we do with all of this freight! herp derp. >> poor it all in rick scott's front yard. >> ermagerd! >> stephanie: [ inaudible ] in florida. >> caller: another rick scott fan. he ruined the real estate market here, because i went from $3,700 a year in insurance and now i'm up to $5,700 and he told me he is not going to stop it with a cap. >> stephanie: yeah, he is very slick, that rick scott. >> and he's oilily looking.
8:56 am
>> stephanie: brenda go ahead. >> caller: good morning, i wanted to talk about all of these -- i have been a liberal all of my life -- >> stephanie: huh. >> caller: and i have two sons, one of them is more like me the other one is right-winging gun toter, don't know where i went wrong with him. but how do we get around these gerrymandering laws that put these ridiculous right-wingers in off -- >> stephanie: brenda stay tuned, next week we're going to have -- a good friend wrote about this and it's a really really important issue about gerrymandering, because it is not democracy. we talked to adam schiff about it yesterday. the congressman that sounds exactly like william shatner. >> doing smooth jazz. >> right. >> stephanie: charlie from vermont. hello, charlie. >> caller: hello there. >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: i heard you mention about these death panels and i
8:57 am
don't know whether you realize what the arizona legislature did either last year or the year before. they voted not to fund transplants for the elderly. there were 80 some odd people on that list. i don't know the reasons for it but two of them passed away. >> stephanie: wow. >> caller: so when the republicans start talking about death panels i go right to john mccain's home state and rip them a new one. >> stephanie: yep. all right. and that also would not be covered. no, that is covered. >> there are plenty of seasons to rip arizona a new one. >> stephanie: milley in florida. >> caller: hi, steph and the mooks. you make my day. i have to say i'm grateful to rick scott for one reason. >> stephanie: what is that? >> caller: i had a tumor in my
8:58 am
jaw and i have to go through three different surgeries, and i do not have any health insurance. so i was recently denied my surgery, so obamacare is actually my only hope, and when i heard -- i'm sorry, i get a little bit emotional about all of it. >> stephanie: that's okay. >> caller: when i heard he changed his mind it just made my day, so hopefully i'll be able to get my surgery, so i can listen to you all the time. >> stephanie: oh, i hope so too, honey, good luck. at the end of the day who cares why he did it he did the right thing. bill in new york. >> caller: hi, stephanie, i believe the democrats were snookered by the republicans. really what is the down side for the republicans? >> stephanie: bill if you look at the polls, there's a big down side as to who is going to get
8:59 am
blamed. >> caller: i know [ inaudible ] a lot of programs, a lot of jobs are going to be lost. the republicans act like they care about the military, but really they don't. listen to what they are saying. they really don't care. they have been trying to stop obama's job creation for four years without success, and now they have that one chance to stop his advance. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: why the democrats didn't see this coming is a mystery. >> the good news the polls are on our side. >> stephanie: yeah. they are hip to it. >> and rightfully so. i'm very happy! >> bourbon makes him happy. >> stephanie: arnold in north carolina. >> caller: hi, stephanie, i called to call about the pied piper ted nugent getting us black people to
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